We will try to answer some of your questions on this page:


Q: Will I get a present?
A: Sure you will. As long as you offer a present to somebody else, you will get one, too. You just don’t know who it is from.

Q: How many presents will I get?
A: The amount of present is determined by the person in charge of the draw. For example, if everyone has to be given two presents, everybody will have to give two presents and will get two as well.

Q: Does anyone know about who I have to give presents to?
A: No, nobody does. Your draw is totally safe and secret. We especially recommend to keep that secret. However, if you prefer, you can say it out loud to the others, but you are the only one responsible for this... and it’s nothing to be proud of!

Q: I am not quite happy with the names I drew, can I do something about it?
A: No you can’t. Dura lex, sed lex. Yes, that’s Latin.

Q: What is the "wishlist"?
A: Participants can express their wishlist in order to share present ideas with the person who has to offer them a present. This person will receive an email, inviting them to read the wishlist of their target.

Q: Can I change my wishlist?
A: Absolutely, you can simply edit your wishlist, a new email will be sent to the person who has to offer you a present.

Q: I did not receive the invitation email, what's happening?
A: Did you check in the spam folder? It may be lost in there. Otherwise, contact the event organizer, they can resend the email.

Q: Can I have more presents than the others?
A: Yes. But you have to buy them for yourself.


Q: Is this whole thing free? Will it stay free for long?

This free service was built with love by Xavier and Steren. If you used it, consider donating to the creators (Thanks!):

Q: How to use group constraints?
A: Group constraints allow you to specify that "this person should not offer to this other one". Participants that are in the same group will not offer present to each other.
To add participants to the same group, enter the same group name in the third column of the table.

Q: I have plenty of ideas. Is it possible to share some with you?
A: Yes, please. Use the dedicated forum. Thanks.

Q: That whole thing a crazy! Did you invent it?
A: We didn’t. We are sure this concept has been used dozens and dozens of times, but as long as nobody had created anything to make it possible remotely, we made it.

Q: How do I know if everybody drew a name?
A: You can see if everybody drew a name following the link in the email that was sent to you when you created the event.

Q: Can I change an email and send again the invitation?
A: Yes you can do all this following the dashboard link in the email that was sent to you when you created the event. Edit the email and then click 'send'.

Q: Are the results unveiled after the event?
A: No, the results are not automatically sent to the participants, but you can suggest to everyone to unveil themselves during the event.

Q: When using group constraints, can a participant belong to multiple groups?
A: No, a given participant can only belong to one group.

Q: I cannot find or have not received the link to my event dashboard. How can I get it?
A: If your organized an event but do not have the link to the dashboard, we can send you a new email with the link. Click this button and enter the email that you used to organize the event, we'll send you the link:
Send me again the dashboard link.

Q: How am I sure everybody has been drawn? I don’t want anybody to cry...
A: Sweet of you! Don’t worry, we promise nobody will cry. At least it won’t be our fault: make sure everybody buys a present for their target. That we can’t control.

Q: Can we find you on facebook?
A: Yes, here is our page (in French)

Q: Can I add a new participant after the event has been created?
A: No, this feature is not available.

Q: How long do you store data?
A: Event and participant data are stored for a year. After a year, data is automatically deleted and there is no way to recover them.