Organize a secret santa gift exchange online with friends, at work or at home.

You will get a present, you don't know from who. We'll tell you who you should offer yours to.

Group Secret Santa takes care of the random drawing and sends emails to all participants. FAQ

More than 100,000 events have already been created.

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Every participant receives an email to pick one or more participants. Only participants know about their drawing, not even the organizer.


Participants can express their present wishes by filling in a wishlist.


The organizer receives a link to a dashboard letting them follow who has opened and to edit or resend emails.


Ensure that "this person should not offer to this other one" by using group constraints: two people in the same group will not pick each other.

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It will be in the email's title. Tip: Keep it short.
We'll send you a link to the dashboard.

How to use group constraints?

Group constraints allow you to specify that "this person should not offer to this other one". Participants that are in the same group will not offer present to each other.
To add participants to the same group, enter the same group name in the third column of the table.

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Please validate the event before sending the emails:

List of participants taking part in the secret santa:

Visit the Dashboard to follow the openings of the mails.

You created an event with a lot of participants. Did you know that sending these emails has a cost for the website creators?

Every Christmas, we spend much more than what we receive in donations.
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